Sacred art

Maestro Battini is often sought out to create sacred art. Beyond a proven technical

capability, this special kind of client requires an artist with a deep sensitivity and

ability to engage with the client to best understand the solemnity that the client

wants to convey. This is because the connection between the work of art – which

often becomes an object of devotion – and the person viewing it becomes a very

spiritual relationship, which goes beyond the concepts of beauty and narrative,

penetrating deep into the human soul. This is recognized by Maestro Battini as a

great honor and responsibility.

On the right there are some example of religious art, realized in various techniques.


Preparatory sketch for fresco
Preparatory sketch for fresco
Fresco particular: the Christ
San Ranieri. Study for fresco.
Miraculous catch of fish
Pope Benedetto XVI
Pope Bergoglio
Saint Peter
Saint Ranieri
The young Sain Ranieri